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Hey I'm going to the States for a couple of months, and I'm planning to buy a iphone 4 or 4s on craigslist from NYC.. The prices seem ofly cheap ($200 for 4 and $300 for 4s), are these real prices? I'm from Canada, and the prices here are $400 for 4 and $500 for 4s minimum...


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    yes they are real prices

    I didn't say it was your fault, I said I was blaming you.

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    Allow me to precisely tell you the prices of iphone 4 and iphone 4S in the current market. I am assuming you're trying to buy one without a contract, which then would only cost $100 for iphone 4 and $200 for iphone 4S. Of course, price will increase when you want more memory. But a used iphone 4 in decent condition without a contract is around $250~300 right now. An iphone 4S is at LEAST $400, going up to $450 since it is relatively new. In regards to the prices you're looking at, the iphone 4S looks like a fraud while the iphone 4 priced at $200 may be reasonable. Try to check the condition of the phone to see the reason why the price is lowered more than usual.

    The good thing about Apple is that their products has the slowest depreciation rate than other competitors. You can use their products for years and still have a resale value of 70~80% of what you paid for.